Thursday, September 07, 2006

Welcome to our First Lunch & Learn

Today you will be introduced to our Lunch & Learn blog and we will talk about how our sessions are going to run. I am very excited about this time as it will truly be a learning and sharing experience for us all!

Here is what we will do today -

What are the NETS? Anyone....Anyone...

Why look at the NETS?

How can we make sure that we are approaching the NETS with open-mindedness and not fearing them as "just another thing to do"?

How can we, in our teams, in small groups, or as a building address these standards?

Please comment on any of all of the above by choosing "comment" at the bottom of the entry.

By the way, this is a private blog - I did not open it up to the public so the only way to get to this blog is to know the address.