Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lyon Technology

Ok so, I frequently send out emails to staff with ideas, links, or general answers to questions about technology and how it can best be integrated into the curriculum. Last year, I put together a google group that really did not get off the ground and I think that could have been a bit of my fault. I felt torn between all that I was doing and instead of doing a few things really well, I was doing alot of things so-so.

As I re-evaluated the means in which I share with my staff, I still think the best way is to send out emails. But,I would still like to archive all of these emails on a web based platform. So, I looked to google groups again. I think this time around, I will be pleased with the result and my teachers will have easy access to these resources.

Please feel free to visit our group often.

Lyon Technology Google Group

Monday, August 25, 2008

K-5 Keyboarding

K-5 Technology Resources

Have you ever wondered….
Why are the keys on a keyboard all mixed up?
• Christopher Latham Shole in 1872 invented the machine called the "Type-Writer." Sholes had developed his machine for convenience, but was faced with a huge problem: the keys jammed if the typist went too fast. Sholes tried for months to fix this problem. Finally, Sholes redesigned the layout of the letters on the keyboard to force the typist to slow down. We call his layout the "QWERTY" keyboard (after the first six letters of the typewriter's second row).

Here are some links for online typing practice at home. Keyboarding is a skill that is important as students progress through their education.

Dance Mat Typing
Typing at the Speed of Thought
Keyboarding lessons for Kids

Monday, August 04, 2008

And so goes the summer...

With summer almost a memory, I am beginning to think and plan for my return to the physical space of my job. All summer long, I have been collecting websites, reading articles, organizing files and anticipating new and welcomed changes in my building. Needless to say, I have been attempting to schedule time to get back to the building but I am finding one more thing to keep me physically away. I am prepared to return and even looking forward to it. Actually going to my building is bittersweet since it reminds me of the passage of time; new students, new teachers, new experiences and not just for me but my own family as well! My son starts high school and my daughter entering third grade worried about being at school without her big brother. I think I need to stop blogging right now; my daughter wants me to watch Nemo with her. Maybe we will even walk to the ice cream store later.

Here's to the rest of your summer....