Friday, October 06, 2006

October 12 - Lunch and Learn

At our next Lunch and Learn, will be looking at the K-2 Performace Standard 1 and 4. Ambitious, right? Well here is why...

Indicator 1 - Use Input devices and output devices to successfully operate computers, VCR's, and other technologies.

Indicator 4 - Use developmentally appropriate multimedia resources (interactive books, educational software,multimedia encyclopedias) to support learning.

Doesn't it seem that you need to look at Indicator 1 to make sure your students are capable of USING the tools before actually WORKING WITH the technology tools? For Indicator 4, we will be looking at some of our untapped resources, or at least ones we can look to use in different ways to support learning. I am not telling which ones we will be looking is for you to anticipate until then!

I would like to see this group serve as an example of how we should start rethinking our use of technology. Let's look outside of the box and see technology and the lab as tools to support learning and NOT as someplace to go to, schedule, or squeeze in each week. We should try thinking about the best way to have technology be a piece, or a different way of teaching a skill, within the curriculum. For example, if there is a Math lesson on coin exchange that usually takes place in the classroom, try looking to a technology resource to teach and accompany this lesson - for example, an EM Games coin exchange math activity in the lab or on the laptops in your classroom... Just a thought for now.

Please post before next Thursday thinking about Indicators 1 & 4. What do each of these mean to you and for your students? How can they best be integrated?

I have some about you?