Sunday, September 10, 2006

Always trying something new...

Ok- even though this is not going to be a part of my L & L right now, I have come across some neat "stuff" in other blogs that I read. First is the free Wiki spaces for teachers and then the use of Flickr, an online storage and photo album. I wanted to share with staff because these tools are being seen more and more in the classrooms and on classroom webpages.

Wiki's - I placed the Wiki link under links on the right. If you are interested in getting your own free Wiki for educational purposes, click the badge near the bottom right. Wiki's, in a simple explanation, are online documents that can be edited by multiple users, in some cases public users and in others, private. If you want to try out the Wiki I started, please comment with an email and I will "invite" you. Not sure about it so far but we will see.

Flickr has potential! I am more likely to take this photo tool further. Again, if you click the badge for Flickr you will be directed to the Flickr page. If you choose the link at the bottom of the badge, I think it says, what is this, you will view photos that I tested and uploaded.

I would love to hear your comments/experiences with either.