Thursday, July 26, 2007

Teaching responsibly...

Two thoughts...but are one in the same...

In a blog I recently read, the topic was how education is or is not changing in the face of a technologically changing world. This entry mentioned Illinois Senator Dan Kotowski's Internet Safety Education Act

Internet Safety Education Act

The summary of the Act is as follows:

"Creates the Internet Safety Education Act to inform and protect students from inappropriate or illegal communications and solicitation and to require school districts to provide education about Internet threats and risks. Creates the Internet Safety Education Alliance under the authority of the Office of the Attorney General. Amends the State Finance Act to create the Internet Safety Education Fund. Amends the School Code to mandate the provision by every public school of instruction and discussion on effective methods by which students may recognize and report inappropriate, illegal, or threatening communications on the Internet on or before the start of the 2008-2009 school year".

Another blog I read discussed (within a day or so of the above mentioned blog) the USA Today article about Michigan School District cracking down on Cell Phone and iPod use in school...automatice suspension if students are caught in posession. The blog,Learning in Hand
links to the article and provides point and counterpoint responses. The blog author suggests that it is the schools resposonsible to teach responsible use of these tools..."Forget about teaching ethics. Just ban utensils that could enable cheating. Perhaps this should include paper and pens, which are much more commonly used for cheating. Heck, ban the air supply so students can't possibly whisper answers to one another!" Can you tell which of my favorite tech guru's blog this is by that comment and what side he is on? :) :)

Either blog posting gets me thinking about teaching responsible, appropriate, and safe use of technology. Isn't that what technology in education should be all about?