Monday, January 12, 2009

ICE 2009

The ICE 2009 Conference
Each year, educators gather for a week of learning, networking, and
socializing at the ICE Conference. Many of our attendees return each year
praising the new technologies, best practices, and educational connections
that year's conference brings. The Conference Committee would like to
extend an extra "welcome to the conference" to all of the Newcomers to ICE
and the Conference this year. As we look towards the future, reaching out
to our new friends is so important. They are crucial to continuing the
conversations and spreading the excitement onto their collegues back in
their schools and districts.

This year, the Newcomers will participate in a Scavenger Hunt at the
Conference. Maybe you will be sought out as an ICE Board member, a specific
Chapter member, or as someone new to network with. In any way, please seek
out a First Time Attendee (the red ribbons) and introduce yourself, too.
Suggest that a newcomer check out the new-and-improved ICE booth in the
Exhibit Hall also.

If you are interested in networking check out the ICE badge on this site. Maybe join the conference live or virtually through blogging, chatting, twitter, or plurk.