Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lyon Technology

Ok so, I frequently send out emails to staff with ideas, links, or general answers to questions about technology and how it can best be integrated into the curriculum. Last year, I put together a google group that really did not get off the ground and I think that could have been a bit of my fault. I felt torn between all that I was doing and instead of doing a few things really well, I was doing alot of things so-so.

As I re-evaluated the means in which I share with my staff, I still think the best way is to send out emails. But,I would still like to archive all of these emails on a web based platform. So, I looked to google groups again. I think this time around, I will be pleased with the result and my teachers will have easy access to these resources.

Please feel free to visit our group often.

Lyon Technology Google Group