Monday, June 30, 2008

What's a gal to do?


If you have stumbled across my posting today, I am hoping that you can help me with my most recent dilemma. Does anyone have any ideas as to why plurk would not work on a MacBook running FF, os 10.4.10 and Quicktime 7.4? I am not seeing the interactive timeline nor can I plurk from this machine. Although, I can go into the profile, check my widget and plurk from the widget? Makes no sense. My Mac mini, 10.4.11, Quicktime 7.3 and FF3 runs smoothly with plurk. I have contacted the plurk “contact us” three times over the last four days and no response. That does not sit well for me when trying out a new tool…

I was hesistant about trying plurk as I find that twitter does the job for me. I only follow about 90 people and 75 follow me. I decided that I should try this new tool and give it shot since so many of my network friends have been.

Plurk and Twitter are very different and each has features that I like. Maybe an anticipated mini-migration to plurk will get the twitter guys and gals moving on fixing some of the things that go haywire from time to time. Or, take some advice from the what the plurk interface allows it's user to do. Since plurk is so new i just am wondering when they are going to start having troubles. Or, is my no reply from their customer service an indication? I want to give plurk a chance and am looking for any ideas from anyone or anywhere.

Since I do not allow comments on this blog, please email me at traymur at gmail dot com if you have any suggestions.

BTW - I am traymur on both twitter and plurk.

See you all on Twitter while I am on my laptop and Plurk while on my mac mini!