Friday, April 04, 2008


In a conversation I had yesterday about technology in education, the question came up about how we implement technology and its' tools into the curriculum. I responded that it is not about the tech "stuff" you have; how many computers, latest gadgets, it is more about what your students will be able to accomplish with that "stuff". It means to me that the engagement and authentic use of technology is so much more important than the bragging of what equipment you have. Don't get me wrong, it would be great to say you have the latest and greatest, but if the latest and greatest sits under utilized, what good is it anyway? Providing teachers with training and resources in order to best utilize what technology they already have will provide a more authentic and goal-oriented outcome for the students.

Here are some resources I found while investigating this question on my own

Wikibook - Instructional Technology/Utilizing Technology for Meaningful learning

Wes Freyer's Tools for TEKS

Technology and Multiple Intelligences

Awesome Library - Technology Integration