Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Lunch and Learn 3/15 - ILTCE Sharing

This is an early post for next week's L & L so that is why it may seem to be "out of order" from the other postings. I was on a blogging roll tonight. :)

For today's Lunch and Learn, we will be sharing our experiences from the ILTCE Conference. Several of our teachers attended the on Thursday. I attended a total of three days. By sharing and collaborating at this month's L&L, it will be as if we all attended the conference. If you did not attend this year, save that thought in the back of your mind to maybe consider it next year!

After our sharing, for those that want to, we can have some work time to look at sites or software that may have been mentioned in the conference presentations.

Oh yes, I am providing two GU after school class opportunities. One is on Comic Life in the Curriculum and the other on iPhoto, iTunes, and Garageband in the classroom. Ask me more about it...check the intranet GU link for registration & dates, too.

Here are some links for this month.

This is the blog that has been created where attendees and conference committee members are "talking"

This is the site where you can see the title of a workshop and then view what the presenters provided in websites, handouts and pdf’s.

This is the link for the conference home page.

This is the website for the Northern Illinois Computing Educators.
"The Northern Illinois Computing Educators Chapter of the Illinois Computing Educators (NICE) provides support to computing professionals involved in education in northern Cook County, Chicago and parts of surrounding counties. NICE encourages the development, growth and use of technology in all facets of the educational process, and extends an invitation to educators to band together to further this process."