Tuesday, March 06, 2007

3/8 ~ What is Flickr and http://del.icio.us/technology_education

I have created a social bookmarking page at the following address

Although it says "social", I am taking advantage of this bookmarking site to share links to activities, resources, lesson plans, and informative articles in the area of technology in education. Each time I visit a site, read an article or learn about a new student resource, I post to my account. Then, anyone who has saved this link as a feed or as a bookmark, the page is updated and I am sharing "globally" my bookmarks. I hope you find this useful.

Flickr is a photo sharing site. I created a Lyon Photo of the Week group in which I post a different picture each week. You can access this library from the Lyon home page.

Here is a webpage all about flickr for you to learn more.