Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Global Experience....

Yesterday, our wonderful Fine Arts Team and our K-2 student's put on an extremely entertaining and education production entitled "Here Comes the Sun: A Solstice Winter Celebration" (one of the ustreams is below).

As I started to last year, the performances are uStreamed so that our working parents, at home grandparents, aunts, uncles, near and far can watch and enjoy. A chat was enabled so that distant relatives could send messages to the kids. We would pass them along.

This year, unfortunately, some unfriendly chatters invaded our space. The reality of the open stream, I know. Last year, no trouble at all. But this year, both in my building and our 3-5 building, we had spoilers. The parents were very understanding, the kids never "saw" the chat, and the users were kicked out almost right away. Next year we will be setting up a chat password and sending that home with the streaming announcement.

My point being is that with this great global community we now can experience, we will also find that there are some ignorant individuals out there trying to ruin it for us. Although we will have to put the password on, it still feels good that we can share this type of event with our distant families.

Our ustream address is
if you would like to see the show! (no chat, though!)